About Us


My name is Jessica, I am a local girl from Kaua’i, born and raised. My love for the islands inspired me to start The Hawaiian Box in 2019 and have since then allowed me to support my family from home. Living in Hawai’i all my life, I’ve come across all sorts of visitors. It truly brings me joy when I meet someone who lights up when they speak about my island home!

It also saddens me when I hear that someone saved money for years to finally be able to come to Hawai’i. Then the thought came – what better way than to send a little piece of the islands so someone could experience Hawaii at home? The Hawaiian Box allows exactly that! Every box is curated then packed by myself and my team. Every item in the box is made and sold by a local company in Hawai’i. Every box donates to a non-profit organization that focuses on the preservation and restoration of Hawai’i eco-systems.

So while you’re enjoying your box of Hawai’i goodies at home, know that you’re also supporting local businesses in Hawai’i, their ‘ohana, and helping Hawaii eco-systems.

From the bottom of my heart, mahalo for supporting us all.



When you purchase a box, you will be donating to the organizations in Hawaii that focus on beach
cleanups, preserving native plants, and the conservation and restoration of native ecosystems
from mauka to makai (mountain to ocean).

If you would like to recommend an organization, leave us a note on our contact us page
or email us at



Hawaii is beautiful but not just for its scenery. Hawaii is beautiful because of the people. Culture brings people in the community together as one big Ohana, a family. However, being in the middle of the ocean, this beautiful tourist destination also brings a high cost of living. Most people have 2 jobs (or more) just to make ends meet. Some people have turned to opening their own businesses on the side selling what they were talented at making.

The Hawaiian Box proudly features these small businesses and their creations. Mahalo for supporting Hawaii locals!

Kauai Arist Brooke Rosas

Celeste Tapia, Creator of Wild Love Designs

Brooke’s Notebook featured in The Kauai Edition 2019

Celeste’s Clutch styles featured in The Big Island Edition 2020