Coconut Themed Gifts from Hawaii

Coconut Themed Gifts from Hawaii

Early Polynesian voyagers first brought the coconut palm across the Pacific hundreds of years ago. Coconuts, or niu (nee-yoo) in Hawaiian, flourished in Hawaii’s rich volcanic soil and warm tropical climate. They can reach up to 100 feet in height and can take nearly a year to mature. Ancient Hawaiians used every part of the coconut tree! Aside from food, coconut palms were woven into baskets and its fiber was made into rope. It was also used for housing and transport amongst many other uses. To this day, ancient coconut groves still exist in Hawai’i.

This month, we selected items surrounding the beloved coconut of Hawai’i, just in time for World Coconut Day on September 2!

Made in Hawaii Gifts

Our Premium Hawaiian Subscription Box will feature the following items:

Uncle Mikey’s – Coconut Candy

This yummy candy is made by caramelizing little bites of fresh coconut meat. Whole coconuts are hand husked, shucked, chopped, caramelized with brown sugar, and then dehydrated. It ends up being about a 3 day process but if you’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting this treat!

Hawaii’s Best  – Hawaiian Haupia Mix

This all natural powder turns into a delectable coconut pudding treat that the entire family will love. Served at every lu’au and party here in Hawaii, haupia is a dessert that is enjoyed cold.

Mauna Candle – Coconut Husk

This candle is hand-poured and made in small batches on O’ahu! The scent features coconut layered with mahogany, sandalwood, vanilla, and oakmoss which completes this warm and earthy blend. Many people picture coconut trees swaying over a beautiful beach when they hear “Hawaii.”

Mana Hawaii Style – Shaka Brah Clutch

This Shaka Brah Clutch is inspired by Hawaii’s most well-known hand gesture is also known or referred to as the “hang loose” sign.

This one-of-a-kind clutch bag is the perfect addition to your Hawaiian vacation needs! It is double sided in different shaka designs.

We have two boxes available: our Hawaiian Box and our ‘Ono Box. The Hawaiian Box will feature the Coconut Husk candle from Mauna Candle, as well as the Mana Hawaii Style Clutch. The ‘Ono Box will feature the Coconut Candy from Uncle Mikey’s and the Haupia Mix!

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