How much does The Hawaiian Box cost?

We offer a selection to accommodate our wide customer base. Our most popular box is the Premium Hawaiian Box. Currently , The Hawaiian Box is $94.99 per box and we deliver every month. Shipping will be calculated upon check out and may vary depending on where we are shipping to.

How are you different from other subscription boxes?

Every subscription box has a unique theme. The Hawaiian Box aimes to feature products that are authentically made in Hawai’i, or at the very least, inspired and designed in Hawaii, to accommodate local artists and vendors that have moved away from home. Our mission is to deliver to you the most authentic Hawaiian products possible. We are confident that you will feel our Love & Aloha in every box!

Can we exchange food items?

At this time we are unable to accommodate replacement items for food allergies. However, if you are interested in customizing your own box with our selected products available, please visit our online store: www.thehawaiianbox.shop.

Do you offer quarterly boxes?

We have a quarterly box in the works. Please subscribe to our newsletter to be first to know when we launch.

Do you offer one-time purchases?

Yes, we do! Please visit our sister site www.thehawaiianbox.shop for single purchases or click on the ‘Shop’ link below.

I am visiting Hawaii. Can I pick up a box in person?

We are only able to physically drop off a box to you if you are staying on Kauai. Regardless, arrangements may be made if you would like us to mail a box to your hotel. This is a nice surprise when you check in! Please email us at aloha@thehawaiianbox.com to make necessary arrangements.